We See The Whole Picture

A sound financial plan and wealth management strategy is like building a house. If your foundation has cracks in it, it doesn’t matter what you build on top, eventually, it will fail. 

That’s why we recognize that as the complexity of the financial world increases, it’s important to provide suggestions that work to solidify the foundation of your financial plan. This means that in addition to a balanced investment strategy catered to your risk profile and time horizon, we will always suggest that you address your insurance needs, your debt management strategy, potential future tax burden, and your estate plan. You’ve got to take into account the whole financial picture in order to create long-lasting, resilient wealth management strategies. 

Communication Is The Best Policy

Communication is paramount for our client relationships. We meet with you regularly to assess your financial progress and to stay current with your objectives that are inevitably dynamic in nature. We are happy to meet in person or via web-conference.  We also utilize several web-based tools that give you visibility on your investments and updates to your financial plan.  

Our goal is to provide superior investment solutions, client service and wealth advice. You can have peace of mind knowing that you’ve got all the information required to make the best decisions for you and your family. 

Client Protection - You First, Always

Even if we didn’t have a fiduciary duty, we’d still act in your best interest, every time. But as fiduciaries, we provide a higher standard of care than typical broker-dealer suitability rules. We believe that your custodian should be well-capitalized and have a strong ethical track record.  We recommend Charles Schwab, Inc. 

Our compensation is fee-only and comes from you alone. We have built our company so we cannot accept gifts, promotions or soft dollar arrangements from any of our partners or affiliations. Therefore, you know that all of our investment recommendations are in your best interest.